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Since the complete israeli withdrawal from Gaza strip in 08/2005, over a thousand of Kassam rockets and mortar shells were fired toward the israeli towns and villages on the border with Gaza, especially on Shderot. 

Only after more then 400 Kassam shells which affected the ordinary life of more then 100.000 israeli citizens, Israel began to respond by shelling back or by target killings of the Kassam operators. The measures proved to be ineffective.

On 06/15/2007 the Hamas, committed to the destruction of Israel, as its spokesmen declared times and again, took over all Gaza Strip and continued with the shelling of israeli citizens. More so, the Hamas, the ruling political authority in Gaza, is holding the israeli soldier Gilad Shalit , kidnapped on 06/29/2006 from the israeli side of the Gaza border and is bargaining his release like any other common terror organization whether it is in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere . 

In a bizarre and almost impossible contradiction, unique in the history of conflicts around the world, despite the shelling  and the commitment  to the destruction of Israel,  Israel continue to supply 70% of Gaza electricity, 40% of the water supply, food and medicaments.

The reason to that bizarre situation was that the very existence of the Palestinian Authority is due to an international recognized Oslo Accord of 09/13/1993. In the Oslo Accord the Palestinian are defined as partners to a peace process. Israel was obliged to help the first steps of establishing a Palestinian state by maintaining the Palestinian infrastructure including electricity.

Despite the Palestinian upraising – “Intifada”  from 10/2000, the terror and suicide bombers campaign, the 1.100 israeli killed and 4,000 Palestinians, Israel continued, all the time, to supply the basic needs of the Palestinians, mainly in Gaza.     

It is obvious that Israel can not tolerate the continuation of Kassam shelling. It is also clear that a full scale invasion to Gaza will be disastrous and will claim the life of many innocent Palestinian civilians because of the dense population in the most crowded place in the World.( see – THE INEVITABLE )

Giving all the factors, the israeli cabinet decision from 09/19/2007 to declare Gaza strip, ruled by Hamas, a “Hostile Entity” creating a direct linkage between any Kassam rocket shelled on Israel to the continuous electricity streaming to Gaza from Israel is the most possible humanitarian response in this complicated situation.

After all no body force Hamas to shell Israel, they can easily enjoy israeli electricity by not shelling israeli towns, unless the Kassam shelling is a divine decree.


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