The 21st Century Phenomenon



For over 5 years Northern Nigeria suffers from bloody unrest between the local Christian community and the Islamic majority. What began as local ethnic and religious tension was exploited by the local branch of the Global Jihad – the Boko Haram to gain power in the Islamic community and to advocate Islamic education at first and the formation of an Islamic state run by Shariaa (Islamic law) in Northern Nigeria in the second stage. Militants from Boko Haram have been blamed for most of the violence, which has left 2,000 people dead since 2010, as Northern Nigeria became a new playground and battlefield for the Global Jihad. Following the Libyan revolution Boko Haram managed to obtain large quantity of weapons and ammunition smuggled from the collapsing Libyan Army (see – MEAST NIGHTMARE) and the organization became a real challenge and threat to the Nigerian army, Nigerian integrity and Nigerian sovereignity. Boko Haram allied themselves to MAGHREB al-Qaeda and to the Anasar Dine in Northern Mali (see – Mali Campaign ) and together they domain the Southern Sahara from Mauritania in the West to the Egyptian border in the East. 


Following the ongoing deterioration in North-Eastern Nigeria Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has declared, on 05/15/2013, a state of emergency in three states after a series of deadly attacks by Islamist militant groups. President Jonathan said: “What we are facing is not just militancy or criminality, but a rebellion and insurgency by terrorist groups which pose a very serious threat to national unity and territorial integrity.” The president admitted that parts of the country are no longer under central government control


The military will take “all necessary action” to “put an end to the impunity of insurgents and terrorists” in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe, he said. Mr Jonathan also ordered more troops to be sent to the North-Eastern states.


Giving the huge territories, the Sahara desert, the instability of the countries neighboring Nigeria, the alliance with other Islamic groups in the Sub-Sahara and the capabilities of the Nigerian Army it is doubtful whether the Nigerian Army can cope with the mission without regional and international support and the fight in North Eastern Nigeria will, most likely, last for years.


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