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Central  Asia is, in perspective of the Global Jihad, the large, mainly Muslim territory, which stretches from the Non Muslim countries India and China in the East, the mainly Christian Russia in the North, the Arab countries in the West – Iraq and the Arab peninsula and the Indian Ocean in the South.

Central  Asia covers about 7.100,000 km and has a population of about 340 millions.

From the 340 million about 208 million are Sunnite Muslims, 110 million are Shiite, mainly in Iran, and about 22 million are Christian, most of them from Russian descent who live in the former Republics of the Soviet Union in the North. The region is therefore dominated by Islam. 

The main languages are Dari – a dialect of Persian, Pashtu spoken by the Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Turkish dialects, Russian in the North and Arabic in the South.

All eight countries in central Asia have a low living standard, an undeveloped economy and a very poor transportation system despite developed nuclear and military technology in countries like Pakistan, Iran and Kazakhstan. All the regimes in the area are not democratic, ignore basic human rights and are inefficient or too corrupted in developing the region in necessary measures. Simple bribe is still the best way to escape the law or to promote businesses. 

The climate is tough and high chains of mountains divide the area and provide shelter and hiding-places to all kinds of escapees from law, whether it is drug dealers, weapon smugglers or Al Qaeda operatives.  Very large areas in Central  Asia are ungoverned and are ruled by local tribes that are extremely hostile to foreigners or to any attempt of the central government to interfere in their life. In fact the official borders between the countries in the region have only the meaning that the local tribes refer to them according to their interests. Central  Asia, at large, is today (04/2007) still a safe haven to Global Jihad and there is very little that can be done about it.


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