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KENYA in East Africa stretches on 582,000 km and has a population of about 33 million people.

About 66%, 19.8 million people, are Christians from different denominations. The number of Muslims is unknown but estimated between 10%-20%, mainly in the North of the country and along the coast of the Indian Ocean. 

Relatively to African standards KENYA is a very stable country that suffers only some measure of internal fighting between tribes or transfer of political power through bloody military coup. In 12/2002 a new president was elected in free and fair elections and the power was transferred peacefully.

Because of its political stability KENYA is a base for many Western commercial corporations as well as diplomatic delegations that operate in East and Central Africa. In Nairobi, KENYA’s capital and in the port town on the Indian Ocean, Mombasa, there is a grouping of tempting targets for Islamic militants.

KENYA has long, unsealed borders with neighbor countries that provide shelter and retreat to Islamic militants, mainly Somalia in the North East but also Sudan in the North West. Islamic Mujahidin can very easily cross the border to vulnerable KENYA from Somalia, to carry out terror attacks and withdraw back.

Thanks to good cooperation with Western Powers such as UK and USA, that was established after the horrendous attack on USA embassy in Nairobi on 08/07/1998, KENYA managed, so far, to contain the terror threat against Western targets in the country. 

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