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Today, 07/09/2007, the Iraqi parliament is scheduled to vote confidence for Nuri al Maliki’s government. Nuri al Maliki’s majority relies on:

A.  The Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, the leader of one of the violent militias in Iraq that is responsible for much of the sectarian killings in the country – the “Mahdi Army. Moqtada Sadr is a strong ally to Iran and the Mahdi Army is, in many aspects, a proxy of Iran, trained by the Revolutionary Guard. After an attempt to  crack down on theMahdi Army in the Northern suburbs of Baghdad, Sadr City, in the beginning of this year, Moqtada Sadr pull out his 33 supporters from the government coalition.

B. The Sunnite block led by Asad Kamal al-Hashimi.  He was identified by two suspected militants as the mastermind of a 02/08/2005 ambush against secular politician Mithal al-Alusi – a political opponent. Mithal al-Alusi escaped unharmed but two of his sons were killed.

A warrant was issued for Asad Kamal al-Hashimi arrest. In response Asad Kamal al-Hashimi suspended the support of his 26 parliament members to the Iraqi government.

Without these two groups Nuri al Maliki has no majority! in the 275 seats in the Iraqi parliament. Although the general expectations are that Nuri al Maliki’s government will survive the confidence vote, because the horrendous alternative of total anarchy, the basic fact is that Nuri al Maliki’s government is paralyzed. The government can survive but not to promote any political agenda, any economical program or any security plan.  

Summary ;

** As in Lebanon, the Iraqi regime depends on Iran which held the key to the survival of the government. (see- LEBANESE crisis )

** The Iraqi political government is a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. 

** The American hopes that sometime, in the near future, the Iraqi security forces will be reliable and able to cope with the situation is wishful thinking.

** A real democracy in Iraq is not around the corner, not in the near future, not in the current Middle East.

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