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Abu Anas Al-Shami, whose real name is Omar Yusef Jumaa, was born in 1969 in Tul-Karem in the Palestinian West Bank, then under Israeli occupation. The term Shami in Arabic refers to greater Syria, which includes parts of Jordan, nowadays Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Syria itself.   

Abu Anas Al-Shami’s family moved To Jordan soon after his birth, then to Saudi Arabia and later to Kuwait. He obtained a degree in Islamic studies from Medinah University in Saudi Arabia. After the First Gulf War against Iraq in 1991, Abu Anas Al-Shami returned to Jordan. He preached Salafiya theology at an Amman Mosque. In late 1992 Abu Anas Al-Shami was in the circle of radical Muslims who formed the Biat al-Imam group, based in Zarqa, Jordan.

In the mid-1990s Abu Anas Al-Shami went to Bosnia where he embraced radicalism. He then returned to Jordan to found a radical fundamentalist outreach center Jamaat al Sunna Wal Kitab – the Sunni Society of the Book (Quran). In 1998, the Jordanian officials shut down the Islamic center that Abu Anas Al-Shami had established in Amman on the grounds that it was promoting a fanatical interpretation of Islam.

In 2003, after USA invasion to Iraq, Abu Anas Al-Shami joined Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Northeastern Iraq. He was appointed to the advisory council of al-Tawheed wal-Jihad and soon became Zarqawi’s second in command.

Abu Anas Al-Shami was killed, on 09/17/2004, in Western Baghdad near Abu Graib by an American missile strike. 

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