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Amide constant intensifies air strikes by Anti-I.S.I.S coalition, following the brutal burning of the Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh  and heavy losses in the battle on Kubane, in the last six months, where Kurdish forces managed to repel ISIS from the town and some surrounding villages ISIS managed to regroup and to launch, on 02/12/2015, a surprise attack on the Iraqi town of Al-Baghdadi. some 85 k”m North-East to Ramadi and 190 k”m North-east of the capital Baghdad in the Sunni dominated Anbar province, and to seize most of the town. Gunmen belonging to the ISIL terrorist group “launched an attack yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, targeting the police headquarters of Al-Baghdadi and two government buildings in the town center,” an Iraqi lieutenant colonel said.


Ein al-Assad air base, which also hosts a large training camp for the Iraqi Army and about 320 American trainers, from the Marines Corps, are located just 5 k”m Southern,  in the outskirt of Al-Baghdadi.


Indeed, on Friday 02/13/2015, as Iraqi forces along with tribal forces tried to repel ISIS from most neighborhoods of al-Baghdadi, 8 ISIS fighters, driving 4 military vehicle, all strap with suicide explosive belts,  attacked the base, managed to penetrate the defence system and were killed by Iraqi troops in a counter attack inside the base. “The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) supported by Coalition surveillance assets defeated the attack (on the Al-Asad air base in western Iraq), killing all eight attackers,” a US military statement said. According to American sources the USA troops were about 3 k”m away from the event.


* It is most likely that ISIS has informants and supporters inside the Iraqi Army and inside Ein al-Assad base and was assisted  from inside the base.


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