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Twelve people were wounded, two of them seriously, in Male, the capital of the Maldives in the INDIAN Ocean, from an explosion in, what seems, the first terror attack in the country.

On 09/29/2007 afternoon a home made bomb assembled from a gas canister, parts of a washing machine and detonated in remote control by a cell phone, exploded outside Sultan Park, near a group of tourists, in the Center of Male not far from the local army headquarters.

The Maldives islands, about 1000 km South of India, in the INDIAN Ocean, is a tranquil prominent Muslim country far from any violence or extremism. The main income of the Maldives is world wide tourism and the country has the highest interest to protect and maintain the flow of tourists to the Maldives.

Later at night the local police arrested two suspects for committing the attack and five more suspects in the Maldives international airport when they were about to leave the country.

On 10/08/2007 the Maldives police raided a small island, about 90 km south of the capital Male, Himandhoo, with only 600 habitants belonging to an Islamic militant group.  Spokesmen for the Maldives police described the group and said – “These radicals refused to recognize the government’s religious authority and set up a break-away ‘mosque’ – refusing to pray in the mosque built by the government”.

When the police approached the Island they were confronted by 70 masked men armed with swords, bricks, iron rods, catapults and wooden planks. About 50 people were arrested for further investigation.

Epilogue ;

On 11/08/2007 the Maldives police claimed in an official announcement that 10 suspects in a bomb attack are on the run in Pakistan. The Maldives police is seeking support from Interpol to arrest the fugitives.

Of the 11 suspects already in detention in the Maldives, police said, three have confessed to planting the device to “target, attack and injure non-Muslims, to fulfill jihad”.

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