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Bahrain said, on Saturday 11/12/2011, it has broken up a group which was planning to carry out attacks in the Gulf kingdom.


Four members of the group were held in neighbouring Qatar and one in Bahrain, the state-run BNA news agency said.


The group had reportedly planned to target the interior ministry building in the capital Manama, the Saudi embassy and also the causeway linking the island with Saudi Arabia. The names and nationalities of the suspects have not been released (see also – the Saudi-Move).


The arrests in Qatar were made after the four suspects had entered the country from Saudi Arabia, BNA quoted the Bahraini interior ministry as saying on Saturday.


Four members of a terror cell, with alleged links to Iran, were arrested in Qatar and a fifth in Bahrain, Interior Ministry spokesman Brigadier Tariq Al Hassan said in a press conference in Bahrain.


Brig Al Hassan said initial questioning of the suspects by the Qatari security authorities revealed the men had left Bahrain illegally after being incited by others to travel to Iran, passing through Qatar and Syria.


It said the suspects had large sums of money, documents and also a computer with details of “vital establishments in Bahrain”.


The four alleged members of the cell also provided vital information about the fifth suspect, who was arrested later in Bahrain, it said.


Bahraini MP Abdulhaleem Murad called on authorities to adopt firm measures to punish those who tamper with Bahrain’s security, the safety of its people and its relationship with neighbours. He said the terror cell is a blatant Iranian attempt to destabilise the kingdom and its relationship with Saudi Arabia (see also – BahraIn 2011 Crisis).


* Eventually 6 Bahrainis have been jailed, on Sunday 05/27/2012, for 15 years each for being part of an Iran-backed terrorist cell planning attacks in Bahrain (see – Manamah 05.27.12).



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