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Abdul Rahman  Yassin was born in Bloomington, INDIANA, USA, on 04/10/1960, to an Iraqi family while his father studied for Ph.D. Abdul Rahman  Yassin became therefore an American citizen by birth.

Abdul Rahman  Yassin’s family returned to Iraq in the 60th and he grew up in Baghdad. It is assumed that he was recruited to the Jihad by Ramzi Yousef but it is unknown when and where.

In 07/1992 Abdul Rahman  Yassin traveled to Amman, Jordan and asked for an American passport in the USA embassy in Amman. With his new American passport Abdul Rahman  Yassin arrived to USA on 07/21/1992. Immediately after his arrival Abdul Rahman  Yassin contacted the members of Al Farook Mosque cell.

Under Abdul Rahman  Yassin’s instructions they began to accumulate the materials needed to build an improvised bomb used, later, in the attack on the World Trade Center (WCT) on 02/26/1993.

On 03/04/1993, few days after the WCT attack, Abdul Rahman  Yassin was arrested in Mohammed Salameh ’s apartment in Jersey City and was questioned by the FBI. Abdul Rahman  Yassin did not raise any suspicions and was released after a few hours. Abdul Rahman  Yassin’s role was revealed only later in the investigation.

A day later, on 04/04/1993, Abdul Rahman  Yassin flew to Jordan on flight 262. From Amman Abdul Rahman  Yassin moved directly to Baghdad, Iraq.

In 1994 Abdul Rahman  Yassin was seen outside his father’s home in Baghdad by a western news reporter that learned from his neighbors that Abdul Rahman  Yassin worked as an official in the Iraqi government and is a free man. Although there are rumors that Abdul Rahman  Yassin was in Iraqi Jail sometime in 2000 there is no knowledge at all about Abdul Rahman  Yassin since 1994. 

There is also no information to prove that Saddam Hussein regime was somehow involved in the WTC attack on the 02/26/1993 contrary to some rumors.


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