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Mohamedou Ould  Slahi was born in Mauritania in 1972. He moved to Germany in the late 80ies, and lived in Duisburg, North Germany. In 1999 Mohamedou Ould  Slahi was already known as an Islamic militant using the nick name “Abu Musab” and active in recruiting volunteers to the war against the Russians in Chechnya.


Mohamedou Ould  Slahi was the operator that convinced, in summer 1999, the members of “ Hamburg Cell ”, that approached him, not to go to Chechnya but, instead, to go for trainings in Al Qaeda s’ camps in Afghanistan.

At the end of 1999 Mohamedou Ould  Slahi moved to Montreal, Canada. He lived in a Mosque and served as a temporary Imam there. A member of the Mosque, Ahmed Ressam , was arrested in USA on 12/21/1999, near the Canadian border, in connection with the The LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot which arose suspicion against Mohamedou Ould  Slahi too. 

Under the pressure of the Canadian investigation Mohamedou Ould  Slahi went back to Mauritania although he was granted permanent resident in Canada.

After The 9/11 Mohamedou Ould  Slahi was arrested in Mauritania and turned over to USA authority in operation Extraordinary Rendition. CIA held him in Jordan, probably Al Gaafar prison, for 8 month. Later he was transferred to Bagram Air Force Base near Kabul, Afghanistan. In autumn 2002 Mohamedou Ould  Slahi was placed in Guantanamo. He went to hunger strike in 2004 protesting against the humiliating conditions in Guantanamo. Today (02/2007) Mohamedou Ould  Slahi is still imprisoned in GUantanamo.


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