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A democracy is a country where the jurisdiction of law, determined by common people for the people, is above any other authority or legitimacy such as God, party or any other social fixation.  

The democracy can be implemented only if: 


A. There is a regular, periodical, secret and free election, established by law, with the principle of  “One man – One vote“. 


B. The wish of the people is represented by an elected Parliament for a limited time. 


C. There is free press protected by law and freedom of speech. 


D. There is an independent judicial system and an obligation to obey the court judgment. 


Democracy prospers with comprehensive education and large middle class independent society. 


Not all democracies are “Western”. The Western  Democracies are the democracies in Europe and its’ English speaking satellites in North America and the Pacific – Australia and New Zealand. 


All the Western  Democracies share a Christian Heritage. Most of them share a heritage of conflict with the Muslim world for more then thousand years. Indeed, even today Islamic preachers refer to the Western  Democracies as “The Crusaders”.  


Most of the Western  Democracies share a Colonial and Imperial legacy of exploiting others’ territories for their own wealth. From the radical Islamic point of view this exploitation is going on even today mainly through economic means. 


Since countries like Japan, India, Sri Lanka and other democracies, which do not share the European Legacy in the context of Global Jihad and radical Islam – they are regarded differently. 


Israel is a democracy by all standards. Typical to all the Jewish history Israel is also an exception. Although the relations between Judaism and Islam through the history were much better than with Christianity, Israel is considered by the Muslim world as an outpost of the Western  Democracies in the Arab Muslim region. On the other hand the Western  Democracies see the existence of Israel as complicating the relations with the Arab and Muslim world and not an integral part of the Western World.  


Epilogue  ; 


* After The 9/11 the Western  Democracies deepened their cooperation and were very successful in preventing and foiling more then 90% of the attempts of the Islamic Global Jihad to launch terrors attack against them despite rare and very painful successes to terror in Madrid Trains Bombing and the London 7/7 attack.  


* There is enough evidence that the war in Iraq, since 04/2003, inflamed the motivation of many young Muslims to carry on with the Global Jihad.  


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