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Each team of hijackers on The 9/11 included a so called “pilot” and 4 muscle hijackers except the flight 93 team with only 3 muscle hijackers . Because only 19 took part in the hijackings a question was raised who and if there was a 20’s   hijacker. there are few candidats to the title the 20’s  hijacker.   


Ramzi Binalshibh 

Zacarias Essabar 

Mohamed Al Kahtani

Zacarias Moussaoui

Mushabib Al Hamlan . 

Richard Reid the “shoe bomber” 

Turki Al Muteiry also Known as Fawaz al Nashimi . 


Summery – 


 * It is logical to assume that in the planning of The 9/11 there were some figures in stand by in case that something will go wrong. For the safety of the operation this men could not have any prior knowledge about The 9/11 even that they were a part of the planning and the operation. 


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