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* Sheik Sharif Ahmed is one of the leaders of the “Council of Islamic Courts” – C.I.C in Somalia. He was captured in the beginning of the the Ethiopian-Somali War in 12/2006 and kept in Kenya.
After his capture the American, through USA ambassador in Kenya, began to negotiate with him a peace deal for Somalia. As a gesture Sheik Sharif  Ahmed was released from capture in 01/31/2007 and went back to Somalia.
After the war the situation in Mogadishu deteriorate, the Ethiopian forces suffered daily attacks and casualties from guerrilla and terror carried out by the “Council of Islamic Courts” (CIC) .

** On Saturday 01/31/2009 Sheik  Sharif Ahmed has been sworn in as the new president of Somalia just months after his Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (ARS) signed a peace deal with the transitional  Government.


The ceremony in neighboring Djibouti on Saturday came after Sheik  Sharif Ahmed, who also led the Council of Islamic Courts (CIC), won a run-off parliamentary vote. The new president’s Islamic Courts movement ruled Mogadishu and most of southern Somalia for six months before being ousted by the Ethiopian military at the end of 2006 in the Ethiopian-Somali War

Sheik  Sharif Ahmed easily defeated Maslah Mohamed Siad, son of ex-president Mohamed Siad Barre, in  Saturday morning’s second round of voting, winning 293 votes to Siad’s 126.


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