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Naeem Noor  Khan also known as Abu Talha was born in 1979 in Karachi, Pakistan in a middle-class neighborhood 

In 2001 Naeem Noor  Khan graduated as an engineer in Karachis’ prestigious Nadir Eduljee Dinshaw Engineering University. “He was a little religious and had a short beard… but I never saw him engage in the activity of any student organization” his teacher told the Associated Press. Somewhere after his graduation Naeem Noor  Khan began to function as a communication internet center between Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan and cells abroad. 

Naeem Noor  Khan was in 2003 a student at UK University. He took classes in human resource management at City University in central London in January 2003. After attending 4 of 10 lectures he disappeared, probably back to Pakistan.

Naeem Noor  Khan was arrested in Pakistan on 07/13/2004 by ISI. His arrest was attributed to leads arising from the arrest of  Musaad Aruchi a month earlier. In Naeem Noor  Khan s’ computer the investigators found details of the Luton Cell in UK and its ringleader, Abu Esa al-Hindi. Naeem Noor  Khan agreed to cooperate with ISI and his investigators and continued to operate as a communication center in order to expose as much as possible of Al Qaeda operating network in Pakistan, but mainly in the world. It was from his computer that intelligence officials were able to follow an e-mail trail leading directly to the Tanzanian Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, wanted for the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa on 08/07/1998.

On 08/02/2005 Naeem Noor  Khan ‘s name and the story of his arrest filtered through to the US press and was published all over the world. The publication cut off a very successful world wide intelligence operation based on the trust of Al Qaeda in Naeem Noor  Khan ‘s  communication channel. In USA some of the news papers suggested that the leak was from Bush administration desperate to show the American people they were making headway in the war on terror.  

Naeem Noor  Khan was released from Pakistani jail on 08/20/2007 without any charges. The release roused speculations about his real role in Al Qaeda. At any rate his life is now in constant threat and the only way for him to survive is the change of identity in another country such as Australia.

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