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* Nadeem Tarmohammed – 


Nadeem Tarmohammed, born in 1978, the second in command in Luton Cell, from Willesden, North London, the neighborhood of Abu Esa al-Hindi. He was a member of Luton Cell from 02/2001 long before The 9/11. Nadeem Tarmohammed accompanied Abu Esa al-Hindi on reconnaissance trips to the US and held plans for attacks. He pleaded guilty on all charges on 04/25/2007 . 


* Quaisar Shaffi – 


Quaisar Shaffi, born in 1979, from Willesden North London. Police found in his home, after his arrest on 08/03/2004, incriminating documents, chemicals and home made explosives. Quaisar Shaffi traveled to the US with Abu Esa al-Hindi in March 2001 for reconnaissance of potential sites to attack such as the New York Stock Exchange. Quaisar Shaffi admitted to the charges against him on 05/04/2007. 



* Mohammed Naveed Bhatti – 


Mohammed Naveed Bhatti, born in 1980, from Harrow, Middlesex. He was an engineering student and was recruited to the Luton Cell late, probably after The 9/11. After Mohammed Naveed Bhatti arrest on 08/03/2004 police found in his family garage plans to launch a “dirty bomb” attack in the UK. Mohammed Naveed Bhatti pleaded guilty on 04/25/2007. 


* Abdul Aziz Jalil – 


Abdul Aziz Jalil, born in 1973, from Luton, Bedfordshire. He was Luton Cell s’ minder and rented a safe house in London with false identities. In this house money and material gathered from reconnaissance trips were stored. Abdul Aziz Jalil pleaded guilty on 04/25/2007. 


* Omar Abdul Rehman – 


Omar Abdul Rehman, born in 1984, from Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK.  He worked in a hotel and is believed to have conducted research into “defeating or disabling security and fire detection systems”. Omar Abdul Rehman was arrested on 08/03/2004 as a member of Luton Cell. He pleaded guilty on 04/25/2007.


     * Junade Feroze – 


Junade Feroze, born in 1976, from Blackburn, Lancashire. He shared  Abu Esa al-Hindi ‘s ideology” and was his chauffeur. Junade Feroze “employed anti-surveillance techniques” according to his investigators and is linked to Omar Al-Timimi and  to the sending of coded messages from internet cafes. He was arrested on 08/03/2004 as a member of Luton Cell. Junade Feroze pleaded guilty on 04/25/2007 . 


    * Mohammed ul-Haq –  


Mohammed ul-Haq, born in 1979, from Paddington, London. He worked as a chartered surveyor and held an architecture degree, acted as a “consultant” for the plot which was focused on setting off explosions in buildings. He was arrested on 08/03/2004 as a member of Luton Cell. Mohammed ul-Haq pleaded guilty on 04/25/2007.


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