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On 07/31/2006 noontwo home made bombs were found on trains in Dortmund and Koblenz after the devices failed to go off. The bombs were made from small gas canisters and explosives that chemical analysis determined its origin in Lebanon.  The identical suitcase bombs were fitted with timers set to go off on 14:30, 10 minutes before the trains arrived in Dortmund and Koblenz.

Alongside the devices police found a note written in Arabic, a telephone number in Lebanon, and packets of starch with labels in Arabic and English.

After watching the security cameras in the stations where the two trains stopped the police found out that the two offenders took the trains from Cologne station. With cooperation of the Lebanese police the Germans identified two suspects that managed to leave the country back to Lebanon as Jihad Hamad and Youssef al-Hajj Dib. A third man in his 30s’ from Akkar District in North Lebanon was arrested in Kiel on 08/19/2006 considered to be the operator of the plot. The German Police estimation was that the bombers had intended to kill large numbers of people.

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* Youssef al-Hajj Dib was born in Tripoli, North Lebanon in 1985. He was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir (established in Lebanon by Omar Bakri Muhammad in 1982), an organization banned in Germany. He was on the watch list of Lebanese security service and as a result also by German security.  Youssef al-Hajj Dib arrived to Germany and lived in Kiel from 02/2005 as a student in mechatronics (a combination of mechanic and electronic study). He was killed in fighting between Lebanese Army and Fatah al-Islam” in Tripoli on 05/20/2007. Youssef al-Hajj Dib trial began in Dusseldorf, Germany on 12/18/2007.

On Tuesday 12/09/2008, Youssef al-Hajj Dib was sentenced in Dusseldorf, Germany, to life in Jail.  


* Jihad Hamad was born in Tripoli, North Lebanon in 1986. He arrived to Germany and lived in Kiel from 01/02/2006 as a student. Under the pressure of his father, Shahid Hamad, a retired low-ranking officer in the Lebanese army, Jihad Hamad turned himself to the Lebanese police on Thursday 08/24/2006. In his investigation Jihad Hamad said the attacks were meant to avenge harm done to Muslims by the Muhammad Cartoons published in Denmark in 02/01/2006.  Today (05/2007) he is still jailed in Beirut and fights his extradition to Germany in Lebanese court.  Jihad Hamad was sentenced in Beirut on 12/18/2007 for 12 years imprisonment with hard labor.


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