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CANADA inNorth America is a confederation, has a population of about 32 millions people (07/2007), stretches on 9,970,610 km and is the third largest country in the world. About 77% declare themselves Christians, 1.9% Muslims and the rest are other beliefs ordeclare no religious affiliation.

The older population is from British and French settlers’ descent. Still today there is in CANADA some tension about the usage of French language and the political autonomy of the French speaking people in Quebec, East CANADA. About 60% are speaking English as their mother tongue and 23% French as their mother tongue.

CANADA is relatively an empty country with very large areas unpopulated, even in the more convenient weather in the South, and needs, desperately, more skilled population in order to yield the enormous potential of the country. The emigration policy of CANADA is, therefore, very liberal and inviting and CANADA accepts almost anyone who ask for political asylum whatever the real reason is.

Many Muslims who fled oppression in their native countries found refuge in CANADA, among them many with Islamic militant background, who were pursued because of their terror activity.

After the civil war in Algeria in the 90th  many Islamic extremists fled Algeria and found refuge in CANADA where they continued to carry on with the Global Jihad from the relative safe haven of CANADA.

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