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* Essid Sami Ben Khemais, nickname Saber, was born in Bizerte, Tunisia on 02/10/1968. He renewed, legally, his Tunisian passport on 02/14/1995.   

Essid Sami  Ben Khemais, generally based in Milan, Italy, was a senior operative in Frankfurt Group and coordinated all the logistic management of the Frankfurt Group in Italy – the Milan 01 Cell operating under the group leader Mohamed Bensakhria In 1999 Essid Sami  Ben Khemais visited Afghanistan and returned to Italy in the beginning of 2000,

Essid Sami Ben Khemais was arrested in Milan, Italy in 04/2001 in full coordination with the arrest of four members of Frankfurt Group by the German authority for their part in the Strasbourg plot. Essid Sami  Ben Khemais’s apartment in Milan was bugged by Italian intelligence and the taps suggested that, may be, Essid Sami  Ben Khemais became radical in Europe under the influence of local Muslim activists in Milan.  

In his trial it was revealed that Essid Sami  Ben Khemais was focused on carrying out cyanide-based substance terror attacks such as the Strasbourg plot and the attempt to poison the water system of the USA embassy in Rome. The  Rome Cyanide Plot against the USA embassy was revealed on 02/2002. The main suspects in this plot were connected to Essid Sami  Ben Khemais and especially the Libyan Lased Ben Heni, the chemist of the plot.  

In 02/2002 Essid Sami  Ben Khemais was convicted in Milan for criminal association with the intent to obtain and transport arms, explosives and chemicals. He became the first Al Qaeda operative convicted in Europe after The 9/11. Essid Sami  Ben Khemais was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Three other Tunisians who were tried with him: Mohamed Belgacem , Bouchoucha Mokhtar and Charaabi Tarek were convicted on similar charges and sentenced to five years imprisonment too.

Today (07/2007), although the sentence has expired, Essid Sami Ben Khemais is still in jail fighting his extradition to Tunisia. In 02/2002 he was also convicted in absentia by a Tunisian military court for belonging to a terrorist organization operating overseas.

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