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Juma al-Dosari

Juma Al-Dosari



Juma Mohammed Abdul Latif Al-Dosari was born in the early 70s’ in Saudi Arabia but is a Bahraini citizen.


In 1989, Juma Al-Dosari traveled to Afghanistan and spent three days  in the Al Sadik training camp. In 1995 Juma Al-Dosari, fought in Bosnia where he met Kamal Derwish and they kept in touch since than. In 1996, while Juma Al-Dosari was preparing to move to Chechnya, he and two of his associates were arrested in Saudi Arabia in connection with the 06/25/1996 Khobar Towers attack but was released without charges after 11 days.


In late 1996 Juma Al-Dosari went to fight in Chechnya. In early 1997 he returned to Saudi Arabia and was hired as imam of the Ghaith Ibn Nassim Mosque in Damman. Later that year, he was arrested again by Saudi authorities for unknown reasons. His passport was revoked for five years, but in 12/1997, he was granted dual Saudi-Bahrainian citizenship, which soon allowed him to continue his travels with a new passport.


In 1999, Juma Al-Dosari, still in Damman, met a relative from Terre Haute, Indiana, and was encouraged to seek a position at the mosque there. He was granted a five-year USA tourist visa in Bahrain and flew to Indianapolis via Istanbul and Chicago. Juma Al-Dosari visited a number of Indiana mosques, including the Islamic Center at Purdue University, before returning to Saudi Arabia after two months in the USA.


Juma Al-Dosari returned to USA in fall 2000 and secured a position at the Islamic Center in Bloomington, Indiana. He used to travel all over the USA and lectured his philosophy about Islam and Jihad. 


In 04/2001 Juma Al-Dosari, when he served as the Imam in the Bloomington Mosque in Indiana, he was invited by his old friend from Bosnia Kamal Derwish to lecture in Arabic to an audience of local Muslims, most of them from Yemeni descent, in Lakawanna.


Some of the elder audiences who understand well Arabic complained that the Imam Juma Al-Dosari spoke, not of religion, but of the political plight of Muslims throughout the world. He preached about the need to help brethren in Kosovo, Chechnya and Kashmir “The Arab world had to wake up and solve this problem”.


The FBI claimed later that his speech in Lakawanna incited the Lakawanna six to travel, after few weeks, for training in Al Qaeda’s Al Farook camp, near Kandahar, in southeast Afghanistan. Juma Al-Dosari joined the Lakawanna six in Afghanistan and returned with them in 08/2001 back to USA.  At the end of 10/2001, few weeks after The 9/11, Juma Al-Dosari returned to Afghanistan.


Juma Al-Dosari was arrested in Pakistan in 12/2001 as a result of operation “Absolute Justice” and was transferred to Guantanamo. He revealed in his investigation the existence and activity of Lakawanna Cell and caused the arrest of the Lakawanna six.


Today (07/2007) Juma Al-Dosari is detained in Guantanamo in harsh conditions alongside the most senior Al Qaeda operatives and, it is reported, that he tried several times to commit suicide.



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