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On Monday, 07/16/2007, USA President George W Bush, in his ‘Moment of choice’ speech,  announced an international conference this fall to include Israel, the Palestinian Authority and some of their Arab neighbors to help restart Mideast peace talks which Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will chair.


According to President Bush there are two visions in the Palestinian society: the vision of the “bad guys” – Hamas , “…which the world saw in Gaza, with murderers in black masks and summary executions. By following this path, the Palestinian people will guarantee chaos and suffering, and surrender their future to Hamas’ foreign sponsors in Syria and Iran” and the vision of the “good guys” – Fatah, “…the vision of President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad is the vision of a peaceful state called Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people….By following this path, Palestinians can reclaim their dignity and future and establish a state of their own.”




* President Bush speech is a retreat from the pretension to promote (some say – dictate) democracy in the Arab Muslim world, which was one of the justifications for the war in Iraq.– It is the Hamas and not the Fatah who won a majority of 73 seats out of 132 in the Palestinian Parliament in the most secrete and fair election possible on 01/25/2006.


* The Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, the military wing of Fatah, has no less Palestinian blood on its hand then the Hamas and is notorious in their arbitrary executions in the Palestinian West Bank. Many hundreds of Palestinians were executed, in the last Intifada (uprising), by local bosses of the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, in public, in the middle of the street or the center of the local square.


* Although there is a dispute between Fatah and Hamas about the effectiveness of terror and armed struglle against Israel rather then diplomatic means and the perception of an Islamic Palestinian State rather then a secular Palestinian regime, there is not, yet, any sign that the Fatah adopted the formula of “two states for two nations”, which means that one of the states is for the Jewish nation.


* President Bush did not explain why surrendering Palestinian future to Hamas’ foreign sponsors in Syria and Iran is much worst than surrendering Palestinian future to Fatahs’ sponsors in USA and Israel. After all Syria and Iran are Muslims countries.


* The constant interference of USA and specially the dictation what should the Arabs countries do or not to do, how should they fight terror, promote democracy and behave and what is supposed to be the right path did not help to promote stability, reconciliation or peace in any place in the Middle East. 


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