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Vertigo is a form of disorientation when the actions taken are not related to the problem. Vertigo is also characterized by an obsessive, unexplained occupation with the most negligible details rather then the most important problems.

USA has four main issues to deal with in order to promote stability, welfare, economical development, contain violent and terror and, eventually, also to promote peace.

A. – The renewing of the cold war with Russia. USA already faces difficulties in forming international coalitions for substantial sanctions against the Iranian nuclear military technology. 

B. – The extremely dangerous and fragile situation in Pakistan, where in no time the Pakistani nuclear bomb can be turned to be an Islamic nuclear bomb in the hands of most extreme Islamic regime, possibly in the hands of Al Qaeda.

C. – The unsuccessful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which consolidate the next generation of Jihad, and expend the hostility toward USA, its allies in the Arab world and toward the Western democracies.

D. – The Iranian rush toward a nuclear bomb which will change, fundamentally, the political and economical balance in the Middle East,  with or without Israel. 

The main humanitarian crisis in the world is focused on Darfur region in Sudan, where already 300,000 were killed in the last five years and hundreds more are killed every day.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has almost no influence on any of the main Worlds’ problems. Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, do not wish to flare up the Islamic opposition by raising the issue of peace with Israel. Islamic opposition in Egypt almost managed to overthrow the Egyptian regime in the early 80’s by opposing the relations with Israel.  All the Arab countries, except Syria, have nothing to gain in a peace process with Israel. The status-quo which enables them to blame Israel of any problem on one hand and to keep unofficial relations with Israel on the other hand, as so many Arab countries practice, is in the interest of most of the Arab world. In order to avoid internal conflict with their Islamic opposition the Arab countries are obliged to condition their participation in any peace process with very extreme conditions. For The Arab World a peace process with Israel, now, is nothing but a headache.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is facing an internal conflict with Hamas and eventually bear the responsibility to keep the Palestinian society, in the long run, intact. Nothing is controversial and divides the Palestinian society than a peace process with Israel. The chance of Mahmoud Abbas to consolidate the Palestinian society behind his Fatah party by making substantial concession in the sacred Palestinian “Right of Return”, which Israel can not accept under any condition, is almost zero.  Mahmoud Abbas prefer to build his legitimacy in the Palestinian society by restoring order, by bringing economical progress, by easing the Israeli grip on the Palestinian society and by releasing prisoners, rather then by raising such a sensitive and controversial issue as final peace with Israel. For him, too, the peace convention scheduled to 11/2007 in the USA is an unnecessary headache. He has the highest interest to delay the substantive issues if not to postpone the conference itself.   

The US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, has said that the conference must address substantive issues and advance the cause of a Palestinian state and is scheduled to visit, once again, in the Middle East next week, on 10/12/2007, to try to impose on all parties what Arab countries see as an American vertigo.

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