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* Abdul Nasser Benbrika, nick named Abu Bakr, was born in Algeria in 1960. He arrived to Australia in 5/1989 and lives since then in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.  In 1992 Abdul Nasser  Benbrika married a Muslim Australian woman from Lebanese descent. Despite his hope Abdul Nasser  Benbrika was not granted automatically citizenship.

Only after a judicial appeal Abdul Nasser  Benbrika was ordered to file an ordinary request for Australian citizenship. In his request he wrote that he wanted to be an Australian citizen because of his “love to Australian way of life”. Abdul Nasser  Benbrika became a citizen in Australia in 1996.

At first Abdul Nasser  Benbrika joined the Melbourne Mosque of the relatively radical Sheikh Mohammed Omran and taught in his center Islam and Arabic. In early 2000 he withdrew from his congregation, which he considered not radical enough, and formed a small group of his own – later known as the AUSTRALIAN Terror Network. His group used to train in the woods around Melbourne and some of them went, probably in 2000-1, for training in Al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan.

Abdul Nasser  Benbrika drew the attention of the Australian security service (ASIO) and was under surveillance from 06/2004. On 03/2005 Australian authorities had his passport revoked as he was already considered as a threat.

In 08/2005, in a radio interview, Abdul Nasser  Benbrika described Osama Bin Laden as “a great man”.

On 11/08/2005 Abdul Nasser Benbrika was arrested alongside 8 more suspects from Melbourne and 9 suspects from Sydney, as the ringleader of the Australian Terror Network on suspicions that they were about to carry out a series of terror and suicide attacks.  

Abdul Nasser Benbrika’s trial began in Melbourne on 09/01/2006. On 05/31/2007 Abdul Nasser  Benbrika denied guilt. His trial is set to continue in 02/2008. On Monday 09/15/2008 Abdul Nasser  Benbrika was found guilty on all charges against him in Melbourne court. On 02/02/2009 Abdul  Nasser Benbrika was sentenced to minimum of 12 years in jail.


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