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In the last week Hamas security authority in Gaza arrested a teenager who intended to commit a suicide attack in a Mosque in Gaza, on 01/25/2008 Friday prayers, in order to kill the Hamas PM Ismail Haniya. Although the Hamas blamed the rival Fatah party for planning the attack – it is not clear who was really behind it.

In his farewell video the supposed suicide bomber used religious arguments that are typical to Al Qaeda’s ideology. Al Qaeda always referred to the Shiites as infidels which distorted the true version of Islam. Some extremists in Al Qaeda, the most known of them was Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq, even claim that the Shiaa is more dangerous then the Jews as it operates from within the Islam. Abu Musab al Zarqawi, therefore, found a full ideological excuse to target and to kill Shiites in their thousands.

The young man from Gaza explained that since Hamas is supported by the Infidels Shiites from Iran, they themselves are considered infidels and it is fully legitimate to kill Hamas leaders and members. The Ideological excuse insinuates that the would be suicide bomber was not operated by the secular Fatah but by one of the groups in Gaza that lately claimed to be affiliated to Al Qaeda, headed by  Army of Islam and the Durmush clan.

The Durmush clan was once Hamas supporter until they were forced by Hamas security forces to free the British reporter Alan Johnston, on 07/04/2007. The Army of Islam promised, at that time, that the final word was not, yet, said and Hamas should expect revenge.

What began in Lebanon in 04/1983, when the first suicide bomber attacked an Israeli military convoy in Lebanon, and was fully justified by many, including in Europe and North America, as the weapon of the weak against the might of the Israeli occupant army, became, 25 years later, a culture of death.  

The suicide bomber phenomena became the main weapon for Muslims to kill each other in great numbers, whatever the disagreement is, and a horrendous tool to brainwash the mind of young Muslims to seek and admire death rather then look for dialog, compromise, cooperation and understanding to build a better future for Islam as well as for non Muslims. (See – ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD )


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