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* Sulayman Khalid Darwish was born in 1976 in Syria. He graduated and worked as a dentist in a suburb of Damascus.  Sulayman Khalid  Darwish married a JORDANIAN woman.

In 05/1999 in Afghanistan Sulayman Khalid  Darwish founded a SYRIAN group of Al Qaeda called “SYRIAN Warriors”. He then received further training in document fraud at the Palestinian Ain al-Hilweh Camp in Lebanon, probably by Munir Maqdah.

Sulayman Khalid  Darwish and his group, including the SYRIAN Loai al-Saqa, affiliated themselves in late 1999 to Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Kurdistan and Sulayman Khalid  Darwish became a Shura Council member (board member) in al Zarqawi’s organization in Iraq. He got acquainted to his future wife through Abu Musab al Zarqawi when they visited Jordan together in 2000.  

Already in early 2003 Sulayman Khalid  Darwish, known as Abu Alghadiya, was introduced, in Iraq, by Ahmad al-Riyati to Azmi Jayyousi and together they formed the logistic infrastructure to a terror network in Jordan.

Sulayman Khalid  Darwish, also known as Abu Alghadiya, was the SYRIAN coordinator and money currier between Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq and his network in Jordan led by Azmi Jayyousi to execute the mega Amman Chemical Plot of 04/2004.

Sulayman Khalid  Darwish tried, on 08/02/2004, once again, to smuggle explosives to Jordan through Ramtha crossing between Jordan and Syria, in a truck that supposedly was headed to Saudi Arabia through Jordan. In response the JORDANIAN authority posted an ultimatum to Syria to extradite Sulayman Khalid  Darwish to Jordan or Jordan will publish the involvement of Syria in mediating terror attacks in the Middle East. Eventually Sulayman Khalid  Darwish was not extradited and Jordan did not fulfill its threat after Syria committed oneself not to facilitate or enable more terror attacks against Jordan through Syria.

On 01/25/2005 the USA designated Sulayman Khalid  Darwish as an international terrorist affiliated to Al Qaeda, which enables USA to freeze all his assets.

There were rumors that Sulayman Khalid  Darwish – Abu Alghadiya, was killed in Iraq in the Northern town of Qaim near the SYRIAN border by American forces in 06/2005 but it was never officially confirmed.

Today (01/2008) it is not clear if Sulayman Khalid  Darwish is alive and if so – his whereabouts are unknown to Western Intelligence.   


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