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John Phillip Walker Lindh was born on 10/09/1981 in Washington D.C to a Christian Catholic family. In 1991 John  Walker Lindh moved with his family to San Anselmo, California. As a child John  Walker Lindh suffered from intestinal problems which made it difficult for him to socialize with others. In 1993 he continued his schooling at home. 


As a teenager John  Walker Lindh favored Hip Hop music, participated in extensive discussions on Web news groups and showed first signs of resentment of social fixations by presenting himself on the web as an African-American.  According to his acquaintances he began also to show interest in Islam under the influence Malcolm X movie, directed by Spike Lee. At that period of time his parent’s marriage was in serious trouble until they divorced, finally, in 1999. 


In 1995, when his health improved, John  Walker Lindh enrolled to the local Redwood High School and in 1997 he earned GED – General Educational Development which granted him all the options to continue his college and university studies. In 1997 John  Walker Lindh converted to Islam and began to attend, regularly, the Mill Valley Mosque in San Francisco. 


In 1998 John  Walker Lindh traveled to Yemen to learn Arabic and religious studies. He returned in 1999 for 8 month to USA and lived with his parents before he left, once again, to Yemen in 02/2000. From Yemen John  Walker Lindh moved to Pakistan to broaden his Islamic education in a Madrrassa (Islamic School) which, very often, are also recruiting centers for Taliban and Al Qaeda. In mid 2001 John  Walker Lindh traveled to neighbor Afghanistan and joined the Taliban.   


According to John  Walker Lindh’s own testimony, he was asked, in early 2001, by his Taliban commanders, probably on behalf of Al Qaeda, to use his American passport in order to commit an attack in Israel but he refused.  After his refusal to operate outside Afghanistan John  Walker Lindh joined, on 09/06/2001, 5 days before The 9/11, the Taliban front lines in the Takar region of Northern Afghanistan and was granted the status of “member of the Army of the State of Afghanistan”. 


John  Walker Lindh was captured in Kunduz in early 11/2001 and was transferred, with more then 1000 Taliban prisoners to Qala-i-Jangi fortress near Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. 


He was one of hundreds Taliban and Al Qaeda detainees in Qala-i-Jangi fortress near Mazar-i-Sharif, in North Afghanistan, that revolted against their Afghan guard in 11/23/2001. Hundreds were killed by an American air strike; others were drowned when the Afghan capturers flooded the cellars with cold water. John  Walker Lindh was shot in the leg while fleeing the carnage and was found, barely alive, among the handful of Taliban prisoners who survived the US-backed massacre in Qala-i-Jangi, Mazar-i-Sharif.  


USA Prosecutors acknowledge that they have little evidence, outside of John  Walker Lindh’s own statements, to support their charges that he conspired to murder US citizens.  John  Walker Lindh trial began in Alexandria, Virginia on 08/26/2002.  


On 10/03/2002 John  Walker Lindh was sentenced to 28 years in jail for assisting Taliban and Al Qaeda. 


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