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Mustafa  Shalabi was born in 1952 in Egypt. He arrived to USA in the 70s’ settled down in New York and is a naturalized US citizen. After the Russian invasion to Afghanistan in 1979 Mustafa Shalabi, with the Syrian Abd al-Qader Kallash, went to fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets. According to his acquaintances, he fought with legendary courage. Mustafa  Shalabi was active in the Brooklyn Al Farook Mosque and served as the treasurer and administrative manager of the Mosque.

On 12/29/1987, three men: Mustafa  Shalabi, Fawaz Damra, and Ali Shinawy, formally established Al-Kifah, which is called the Al-Kifah Refugee Center, an which operated from Al Farook Mosque office in Brooklyn, New York.

The “Al Kifah” raised money and recruited volunteers to the war in Afghanistan. That activity was welcomed by the USA security establishment as it was regarded aimed against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The CIA itself established the contacts between “Al Kifah” in Brooklyn and Osama bin Laden’s office in Pakistan – the Maktab al-khidamat. El Sayyid Nosair, Rabbi Meir Kahana’s murderer was Mustafa  Shalabi’s close aide.


 The recruits were often young Americans that were send for paramilitary training at a private camp in Connecticut before joining the war in Afghanistan. They referred to Al Kifah Refugee Center’ simply as the “Jihad office”.

Since Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman arrived to USA in 07/1990, a power struggle over the control on Al Farook Mosque, and more important, the “Al Kifah” association with its economical sources, breached out between Mustafa  Shalabi and Omar Abdel Rahman in which the Sheikh constantly denounced Mustafa  Shalabi as “dishonest” and a “bad Muslim”, incited against him and threatened Mustafa  Shalabi’s life.

Under the pressure Mustafa Shalabi sent his family back to Egypt. Few days later, on 02/25/1991, Mustafa  Shalabi was mysteriously murdered in the underground parking of the World Trade center. Mustafa  Shalabi’s body was found in his car only on 03/01/1991. He had been shot and stabbed multiple times and $100,000 was stolen from his car. The murder was filmed by the security cameras but was not noticed in real time.  Among his belongings were books on explosives and ammunition.

The radical Yemenite Abdul Wali Zindani took over as head of Al-Kifah until the was closed after the Trade Center bombing on 02/26/1993.


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