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On Wednesday 04/09/2008, at about 15:00, a team of 4 Palestinians attacked the fuel terminal , the only supply source of fuel to Gaza, near Kibutz Nahal-Oz about 6 km East of Gaza City.

The attack was well coordinated and backed with whitewash mortars shells fire which was fired in order mislead the Israeli forces about the purpose of the attack and to prevent reinforcement from reaching the attacked area fast.

Under the cover fire the assault team cut the fence between Gaza and Israel, killed two security contractors and began to look for a possibility to abduct another Israeli. A fast response of IDF and Israeli tank that arrived to the scene within few minutes disrupted the attack. The Palestinians fled the compound back to Gaza. 2 were killed by Israeli fire during their getaway. A third Palestinian was killed latter at night by an Israeli raid and the fourth one was seriously wounded.

The PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad and two other ephemeral organizations took responsibility on the attack while in fact the mortars shells were fired by the Hamas in an area under full Hamas control.

The crossing points are the only place where there is a daily touch between IsraeliS and Palestinians. Despite the daily attacks Israel is still supplying 65% of the electricity, 70% of the water, medicines and basic needs. Since 01/2008 Israel limited the gas supply to Gaza Strip to 75,000 litters a day for ambulances and emergency services, the local Gaza Electric Station and Hospital generators. 14,000 Palestinians from Gaza went through medical care in Israel in 2007. Some of the treatments, such as dialysis or against cancer, are extremely expensive – despite that Israel is considered as inhuman.

All that activity, on humanitarian basis is executed through the crossing points, providing, at the same time, a golden opportunity to abduct yet more IsraeliS as bargain cards.

It is a usual ritual that when Israel restrains herself, in order to save Palestinians life, all the international community praises Israel and condemns the Hamas. The support for Israel evaporates in the moment that Israel is not satisfied with verbal support only and decides to do what any other country would do in the same situation – respond.

When Israel responded only with Super-sonic booms – the International community condemned Israel for “collective punishment” of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza and increasing the abortion rate of Palestinian innocent women. When Israel cut off 30% of the electricity – Israel was blamed by the European Union, and of course by the Arab world, for preventing electricity to hospitals which caused the death of innocent patients, although it was up to the Hamas regime to set priorities for the usage of electricity. If Israel responded with military incursion she was blamed by UN Secretary General of using “excessive force”, USA Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice called upon both sides “to show restraint”, in order to promote a peace process, and UK Foreign Minister David Miliband expressed “worry” about the Humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip.

The Hamas regime in Gaza has full confidence that despite repeated attacks on the crossing points with Israel, which is the veins of life for Gaza, Israel, which is dependent on the international community and especially on USA, will give up to the foreign pressure, pump Gaza with fuel, water, electricity, food, medicines and medical car and risk the life of its own citizens while the Hamas is fully committed to its destruction. Israel is obliged by its own humanitarian values and by the international community to live in an absurd theater no other nation has to face.   


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