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* Richard Belmar was born in 1980 in London and is a UK citizen. His father is a Catholic and he attended a Catholic school in north London. Richard  Belmar converted to Islam in his teens,following his elder brother.

According to his family Richard  Belmar was a troublesome teenager, but after conversion to Islam, in early 1999, Richard  Belmar became very polite and respectful. He worked in the Royal Mail service and attended the Regent’s Park Mosque, close to his home in Maida Vale, London. Regent’s Park Mosque practices moderate Islam and there were no radicals in the Mosque community.

Richard  Belmar traveled to Pakistan in 07/2001, few weeks before The 9/11, allegedly to study at a religious school, through the United Arab Emirates – UAE, and ended in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In Kandahar and Kabul Richard  Belmar went through basic training of using weapons in Al Qaeda’s training camps. 

Richard  Belmar was arrested in Pakistan by Pakistani authority, with 17 other occupants, in a safe house in Karachi affiliated to Al Qaeda, on 02/07/2002. After initial investigation, iIncluding by British MI5 security service agents, he was handed over to CIA in operation “Extraordinary Rendition”. He was detained for more then six months in the secret detention center in Bagram Air Base, North of Kabul, before transferred to Guantanamo.  

Richard  Belmar was in the second group of UK citizens detained in Guantanamo and sent back to UK on 01/25/2005 along with Moazzam Begg, Feroz Abbasi and Martin Mubanga. The four were detained for questioning for few days and released afterwards without charges.

Richard  Belmar was among about dozen of former Gitmo detainees that were compensated by the British authorities following a judicial settlement, on 11/15/2010 might (see – Gitmo Copensations ).


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