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* Hedi Ben Youseff Boudhiba – nick name Fathi, 45, was born in 1961 in Tunisia. He suffers from psychosis and depression and is known for having mental illness.

Hedi  Boudhiba entered the UK in 07/2002 on a false Portuguese passport. The document was discovered five months later when a flat in Wood Green, north London, was raided by police hunting the gang suspected of the Ricin Plot . He is said to be linked to Kamel Bourgass, jailed for life for the murder of PC Stephen Oake in Manchester in 2003. Hedi  Boudhiba was convicted in Britain in 07/2003 of two offences of using a false passport.

Hedi  Boudhiba was rearrested in the UK on 08/20/2004 at Liverpool John Lennon Airport as he was about to board a flight to Barcelona, Spain, as a suspect in belonging to an Al Qaeda logistic cell that provided money and fake documents to Al Qaeda for its operation in Europe and specifically the Madrid Trains Bombing. Hedi  Boudhiba was wanted in Spain for further questioning.

According to the Spanish Intelligence and prosecution, Hedi  Boudhiba while living in Bilbao, North Spain, operated under a variety of aliases and traveled from Hamburg to Istanbul, on 09/03/2001, with Ahmed Taleb, allegedly a member of the Hamburg Cell, which is also believed to have been associated to Mohamed Atta and two other of The 9/11 hijackers. The Spanish authorities also believe Hedi  Boudhiba provided fake documents for Ramzi Binalshibh. In 04/16/2006, after a long judicial struggle, Hedi  Boudhiba was extradited to Spain.

Today (04/2008) about four years after his arrest and two years after his extradition to Spain Hedi  Boudhiba’s trial did not begin yet and he is kept in Spanish jail.


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