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* Rayed Mohammed Abdullah Ali was born in 1978 in Saudi Arabia. He traveled on a Yemeni passport as his father was from Yemen descent.

Rayed M. Ali lived several years in USA, in 11/1997 Rayed M. Ali settled in Phoenix, Arizona, and started flight school together with a Saudi citizen – Hani Hanjour who became, later, one of The 9/11 hijackers.

In Phoenix Rayed M. Ali was a leader at the Islamic Cultural Center where, the FBI says, he “reportedly gave extremist speeches at the mosque”. Rayed M. Ali returned to Saudi Arabia already before The 9/11 to work in his father’s textile business.

Rayed M. Ali used a variation of his name in 2004 on a short visit to New Zealand.  

 Rayed M. Ali arrived to New Zealand, from Saudi Arabia, again in 02/2006 on a student visa, saying he wanted to learn English in order to train for his commercial airline pilot’s license. According to immigration officers Rayed M. Ali was not immediately identified because he used a variation of his name in applying for entry.

Rayed M. Ali initially settled in Auckland but moved to the town of Palmerston North in 05/2006, where he took lessons at the Manawatu Aero Club.

He was arrested on 05/29/2006 when he was taking flying lessons, and deported back to Saudi Arabia the next day.

Rayed M. Ali was never, officially accused or charged of any terror charge, he was never arrested for terror suspicions in Sadui Arabia and is today (04/2008) probably a free citizen in his country.

Summary –

Rayed M. Ali did not go for training in Afghanistan of followed the regular course of Jihadist or Al Qaeda members. He was not associated to extreme cycles in Saudi Arabia and his acquaintance with Hani Hanjour had no earlier relations other then two fellow countrymen meeting each other in a foreign country. There is nothing to suggest that Rayed M. Ali was really a terrorist affiliated to Al Qaeda or The 9/11. 


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