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* Mohammed Abdul Shahid, known as Shahid  Bilal, was born in the late 70s’ in Bangladesh and was, for few years, a resident of Hyderabad, India. He was associated with Abdul Kalim Pasha in Bidar and has links with fellow-Hyderabadi Rasool Party, who used local youths in the assassination of Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya in 03/2003.  

Shahid  Bilal fled India to Bangladesh sometime in 2002 and subsequently joined HuJI. Shahid  Bilal recruited, through his former connections, several persons from Hyderabad to carry out attacks on India and in Hyderabad in particular.

Shahid  Bilal went to Saudi Arabia for training in 2002-2003 and was an understudy of his maternal uncle Farhatullah Ghori, a Jaish-e-Mohammed operative and a resident of Misram Bagh in Hyderabad.  Shahid  Bilal returned to Hyderabad in 2005. After he managed to form a solid terror network in Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh Indian state, Shahid  Bilal returned to Pakistan, became the HuJI chief of operation operating from Lahore. Shahid  Bilal was the mastermind of the Mecca Masjid Bombing on 05/18/2007 in Hyderabad and Hyderabad Attack from 08/25/2007.

Shahid  Bilal was shot dead, along with his elder brother Samad, 34, on 08/30/2007 in Karachi, Pakistan in unclear circumstances either by rivals within HuJI or by his ISI handler. It is assumed that the event is connected to the Hyderabad Attack five days earlier, which exposed the role of ISI in facilitating the logistic of the attack. He was replaced by Mohammed  Amjad.  




* Mohammed Amjad alias Khwaja, was born in Bangladesh in 1983. He was Shahid  Bilal’s deputy and wanted since 2005 by the Indian Hyderabad anti-Terror police task force. Mohammed  Amjad took over as the Harkat-ul-Jehad-al-Islami’s -HuJI operations chief after Shahid  Bilal was shot dead in Karachi on 08/30/2007.

Mohammed  Amjad managed to stay out of Indian Intelligence screen up to the Hyderabad Attack committed in India in 08/2007 as well as a subsequent strike at the Ajmer Sharif shrine in Rajasthan.  

Mohammed  Amjad has an Interpol alert against him for his role in the Hyderabad Attack. He is also emerging as the key suspect in the Jaipur BombingsIndian Intelligence sources believed (06/2008) that Mohammed  Amjad was shuttling between Karachi and Bangladesh.

Mohammed  Amjad – alias Amjad Khwaja, was arrested, eventually, in India in his base town, the southern Indian city of Chennai, on 01/18/2010. He had with him three passports  issued in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under different names (see – Khwaja Alert).


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