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A UK parliamentary committee has called, on Thursday 07/24/2008, for dialogue with Hamas, as a UNRWA report says poverty has reached an unprecedented high in the Gaza Strip. Gaza’s economy has been hit hard by an Israeli embargo tightened when the militant group took control last year (06/2007).

The House of Commons International Development Committee said in a report on Gaza that the humanitarian situation in Gaza as “acute”, saying food, fuel and water were in “short supply” and the public health system “under severe pressure”. The report claims Israel had failed to meet its obligations under international law to ensure the health and welfare of the Palestinian population.  The MPs also said they considered the scale of Israeli military attacks and border restrictions to be “collective punishment” of Gazans.

Zimbabwe is an independent State, Zimbabwe never committed itself to the destruction of UK, to the deportation of most British inhabitants from the country and to establish a Greater Zimbabwe instead of UK.  Zimbabwe never launched a barrage of rockets on any English village or sent suicide bombers to British town centers. There is no conflict between UK and Zimbabwe. Despite that UK, in a patronizing manner, feells it has all the rights to dictate the native of Zimbabwe the values of democracy.

In order to impose democracy on Zimbabwe, UK leads an international boycott and economic siege on stubborn Zimbabwe, which caused the collapse of the local economy, literally starvation of large part of the 13,000,000 population, a massive immigration and refugee problem, which inflicts on neighboring countries, mainly on South Africa. The 2,000,000 refugees in South Africa, who are willing to work for 1$ a day, brought upon the collapse of the South African labor market and to a wave of violence in which many were killed.   

There is no other way to describe the UK led sanctions then as a “collective punishment” of the ordinary common Zimbabweans who struggle to survive yet another day. It is fair to say that the humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe as “acute”, saying food, fuel and water were in “short supply”, the public health system “under severe pressure” and that UK had failed to meet its obligations under international law to ensure the health and welfare of the Zimbabwean population.  By all means the humanitarian situation of, at least, 7 millions Zimbabwean overshadow the poor situation in Gaza. They have no streaming water, no electricity, they live in huts and many of them are collecting weeds and grains from the ground in order to survive.

It is time  for UK to send Tony Blaire in order to solve the Humanitarian crisis of Zimbabwe, caused, in large extent, by UK led sanctions, then to blame others for not matching the hypocrite standards of UK.


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