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* Sultan Muhammed was born in UK in 1974 and is the cousin of Aabid Hussain Khan.  Sultan  Muhammed lived with his parents and younger siblings in Bradford, Yorkshire. He was a Royal Mail night sorter. Inquiries into his background showed he was also computer literate, having completed a college course in IT (Information Technology) support.

In his CV Sultan  Muhammed said he had last worked in a fast-food outlet in Bradford in 2005, possessed IT skills and listed reading and computers as his hobbies. He was a close friend of Aabid Hussain Khan, who recruited him to the cause of Global Jihad and, eventually, to be a would be terror operative.

Sultan  Muhammed was arrested in East London, on 06/19/2006, in connection with the Yorkshire Cell while looking for refuge in Ahmed Sulieman’s home. Sultan  Muhammed was charged with three counts: that between 03/01/2005 and 07/07/2006 he conspired with Aabid Hussain Khan and a 16 year old from Bradford, Hamaad Munshi , to murder persons unknown; that between the same dates he conspired with the same  people to use poisons and/or explosives to cause “disruption, fear or  injury” and between June 1 and June 22 of 2006  he was in  possession of a CD which is believed to have been used to prepare a  terrorist act.

According to the prosecution the CDs included DVDs, files, storage devices and other documents with such titles as How To Make Napalm, Improvised Primary Explosives, Manual On Explosives And Demolitions, Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, AK47 Homebuilt Receiver Plans, and Expedient Homemade Firearms – The 9mm Submachine Gun. Much of the information was downloaded from the web. 

The trial of Sultan  Muhammed, along with Aabid Hussain Khan, Ahmed Sulieman and Hamaad Munshi began in London on 01/19/2007. On 08/19/2008 Sultan  Muhammed was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in jail. 

Sultan  Muhammed is a classic home grown terrorist in the UK.


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