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Abdelhak  Layada, also known as Abu Adlane, was a senior member in the Algerian “Islamic Salvation Front”, which won the 12/1991 general elections in Algeria. He was one of the founders of GIA when the Algerian civil war breached out in 01/1992. 


Already before the elections and the following Algerian civil war, in the 80s’, Abdelhak  Layada was known in Algeria as an address for those who want to go to Afghanistan to fight against the Russians and to join the Mujahideen (Holy Warriors ).


After the death of GIA first leader Mohamed Allel, in 01/1993, Abdelhak Layada led the organization up to his arrest, in Morocco, on 09/29/1993. He focused his operations against foreigners, who assisted the Algerian military regime and broadened the terror campaign to Europe, mainly France. 


Abdelhak  Layada was extradited back to Algeria and sentenced, in 06/1995, to death for his role in the civil war, in which some 165,000 people died, but his sentence was suspended


On 03/13/2006 Abdelhak  Layada was released from Algerian jail as part of a national conciliation program, that was initiated by the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, which included amnesty to those who would renounce violence and terror.   


Today (10/2008) Abdelhak  Layada is a free citizen living in the Southern outskirts of the Capital Algiers. 


On 08/17/2008, after a string of bombings in Algeria, Abdelhak  Layada was interviewed by an Algerian web-site and he refused to condemn the attacks although he stressed that he, personally, does not support violence anymore. 



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