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* Abdul-Abdullah Yahia, born in 1970, also known as “the Emir,” was a petty thief and greengrocer from the Bab el-Oued neighborhood of Algiers, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Algeria’s capital. He spoke “approximate” French. Abdul-Abdullah Yahia did not receive any special Islamic education and was not a fanatic Muslim.


When the civil war in Algeria breached out in 1992 Abdul-Abdullah Yahia joined the Algerian Armed Islamic Group – GIA. Abdul-Abdullah Yahia, probably, became more radical in his Islamic views and, by 1994, he became a leading member in the elite group named itself “Signing with Blood” and a lieutenant, one of 9, of Djamel Zitouni, the head of GIA. Djamel Zitouni succeeded Ahmed Abu Abdullah, the former head of GIA, after he was killed on 09/26/1994. Djamel Zitouni’s policy was to expend the war in Algeria to France since he believed that France was the source of power and legitimacy of the Algerian Regime. According to the Algerian intelligence Abdul-Abdullah Yahia took part in “attacks of rare violence and savagery” and was considered extremely devout.


On 12/24/1995 Abdul-Abdullah Yahia, the Emir, headed and commanded a team of other three militants that hijacked Air France Flight-8969 from Algiers airport. He was killed when the French commando – GIGM, took over the airplane in Marseille on 12/26/1995 at about 16:00, along with the three other militants known as “Lutfi”, “Bill” and “the Killer”. 
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