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Talaat  Fouad Qassem was born in 1958 in Egypt. He was one of the founders of the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya in Egypt in the early 70s’ and the spokesman for the organization. Talaat  Fouad Qassem fled Egypt after Anwar Saadat Assassination in 10/1981 and granted political asylum in Denmark.

From his place in Denmark Talaat  Fouad Qassem, with two Algerian associates, Kamer Eddine Kherbane and Abdullah Anas, who operated from Milan, Italy, coordinated and recruited Muslim European volunteers to fight in Bosnia in the years 1990-95. They sent, eventually, about 2,000 volunteers to camps in Bosnia near the towns of Zenica and Tuzla, later known as the 7 Mujahideen Brigade. Kamer Eddine Kherbane directly led the Tuzla group (see also – Abdelkader Mokhtari).

USA Intelligence suspected that Talaat  Fouad Qassem, a close associate of the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, was also involved in the World Trade Center Bombing in New York on 02/26/1993.

In 08/1995 Talaat  Fouad Qassem was in Switzerland negotiating against Muslims Brotherhood leaders. Some Muslims Brotherhood exiles were negotiating with the Egyptian government to be allowed to return to Egypt if they agreed not to use Muslim Brotherhood Swiss bank accounts to fund Egyptian militant groups like the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya, but Talaat  Fouad Qassem and other radicals oppose this deal.

The first known case of Extraordinary Rendition, long before The 9/11, involved Talaat  Fouad Qassem, who was arrested in Zagreb, Croatia, in 09/1995. USA officials questioned him for two days on a ship in the Adriatic Sea, focusing on an alleged assassination plot against President Clinton.

Then they sent him to Egypt, where he had been sentenced to death in absentia by a military tribunal in 1992. There is some question about the date when this took place. According to Islamic militant sources in Egypt, Egypt took Talaat  Fouad Qassem to their intelligence headquarters in al-Mansoura, and then moved him to Cairo in 10/1995. He has not been seen since. Egypt has refused to comment on his whereabouts or on whether he is dead or alive.

As he disappeared while in custody, it is suspected by human rights activists that he may have been executed without a trial (see also – ALBANIAN-TRIAL ).


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