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During Friday 02/26/2010, The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Syrian counterpart and partner, the Syrian President Bashar Assad, continued to meet in Damascus with their proxies bordering IsraelHamas and Hizbullah. A day earlier Syria and Iran signed several bilateral agreements to consolidate their ties. During the ceremony of signing Bashar Assad joked that they were supposed to sign not a nearing agreement but a distancing agreement, a clear hint toward Hillary Clinton, the USA Foreign Affairs Secretary, who demanded from Syria, just a day earlier, do distance itself from Iran.


The meeting, can be easily described as a terror summit, was aimed to upgrade the military ties between Iran, Syria and non state organizations like Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Hamas in Gaza and to coordinate their military response against Israel.


So far the relations were based on common support to each other but not on common obligation to act, coordinately, together. During the Second Lebanese War in summer 2006 the Hizbullah was alone in fighting Israel, although supported by Syria and Iran diplomatically and materially when both countries supplied advance long range rockets to Hizbullah. Furthermore Iran and Syria distanced themselves from the fighting and claimed that the war is a bilateral issue between Lebanon and Israel. So was the case during OPERATION CAST LEAD in Gaza Sstrip during 12/2008.  Now all the participants agreed that any attack of Israel on any of the four participants Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas will be considered as an attack on all of them and they will respond together, coordinately and with their full capacities against Israel (see – ME Next War).


It is obvious that the new “axis of terror”, in which two sovereign states and, mind you, UN members, pledged themselves, openly and publically, to support sub-state organizations, considered by many as terror organization is unprecedented in international diplomatic affairs. It also aims to tie the hands of Israel from any attack against any of the participants giving the possible outcome of a comprehensive war in the Middle East.


Interesting enough no one mentioned an establishment of a Palestinian state as a common goal for the new terror allies or as a possible outcome of such a war. Should it erupt in the future, Iran said the only outcome of such a war will be “the end of the Zionist existence” or similar expressions. It is obvious that the Damascus Terror summit is a slap in the face of USA and France aimed not to solve the Palestinian problem but to get rid of the state of Israel as such. 


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