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Dr. Adly el-Attar

Dr. Adly El-Attar



Dr. Adly El-Attar was born in Egypt in 1948. He is  an surgeon who lived in Neu-Ulm.  Dr. Adly El-Attar was was described as a close acquaintance of one of the founding members of Al Qaeda, Mamdouh Mahmud Salim.


In 1996 Dr. Adly El-Attar, along with Ramez Aly, a former EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya member was one of the co-founder of the Multi Kultur Haus – MKH in Neu-Ulm.


Dr. Adly El-Attar first drew the attention of German investigators at the time of Mamdouh Mahmud Salim arrest, on 09/16/1998 in Germany in connection with the 08/07/1998 attacks in Kenya and Tanzania. Mr. Salim came to Germany at Dr. Adly El-Attar invitation; after the arrest, Dr. Adly El-Attar hired Mr. Salim’s lawyer.


Dr. Adly El-Attar in Neu-Ulm was searched by the German police on 10/06/2001 for possible connection with some of The 9/11 hijackers, probably members of the Hamburg Cell. At the time  Dr. Adly El-Attar appeared to divide his time between Germany and a home in the Sudan. He left to Sudan on 09/20/2011.


Dr. Adly El-Attar married a German woman in the early 90s’. She moved to Sudan in 1993 and after The 9/11 was not allowed to return to Germany.


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