The 21st Century Phenomenon



For over 90 years, since the end of World War I in 1918, the Arab Society in the Middle East was managed in accordance to two main characteristics: A. It was run by corrupted, non democratic elites and under some sort of oppression. B. It was never the Arab societies, the Arab regimes or the Arab rulers who were to blame for the growing lapses of the situation in the Arab world despite their huge oil resources and their strategic location on the Southern side of Gibraltar straits, on the Suez Canal, on the Aden (Bab al-Mandab) straits and the Hormuz Straits in the Southern entrance to the Arab Gulf – it was always the Zionists and the unsolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the satanic Mossad, the CIA, the Western Democracies in general and the USA behind them. Many and too often blamed simply the Jews. The source of Islamic militancy of nowadays and the Global Jihad springs from the same idea that it is not the Arabs who are supposed to be blamed for their staying behind but the Crusaders (Christians) and, of course, Jews (see – Itbah Al-Yahud ). 


The Middle East storm, which already toppled two regimes, in Tunisia and Egypt, and endanger immediately three other regimes: the Libyan, the Yemeni and the Bahraini regimes, is characterized, for the first time on such a scale, that the Arab masses blame their own regimes, their own society and their own rulers. Despite some attempts to divert the anger to the traditional direction of Zionist conspiracy executed by CIA and Mossad agents – the Arab masses, for the first time, refused to be mislead and diverted as there is a justification to corruption, lack of economical development, denial of human rights, ethnic violence and persecution of Christians because Israeli and Palestinians did not solve their problems yet. 


For decades USA and Europe actually supported the situation, the oppressive regimes, the corruption and the idea that all is focused on the Israeli-Arab conflict. Western diplomats, like Tony Blair, said clearly that without solving the Israeli Palestinian conflict there cannot be peace and progress in the Middle East, supporting the ridiculous theory of the archaic regimes in the region that it is not Arab fault that the Middle East is so backward. It is obvious that the Arab masses do not buy the theory any more. They want answers from their own regimes and refuse to link between the unsolved Israeli conflict and their own situation. 


USA is now, because of its incredible hypocrisy, strongly despised by most Arabs, even hated because they supported for so many years Hosni Mubarak, did businesses with Muammar Gaddafi, still support the Saudi monarchy and just recently send an ambassador to Syria, one of the most brutal Arab regimes (see – MEAS”T CHAOS). They still hate, to a large degree, Israel but they do not blame any more all the world for their own problems. Finally many Arabs understand it is their responsibility to shape their countries and their future. 


In the next years the Arab societies in the Middle East will be occupied in redefining their societies with very little attention to Israel. The Arabs will be tangled in a struggle between Islamism and liberalism, between local traditions and democracy and between the Shiaa and Sunna conflict. There is no way to predict the Middle East in the coming years and bloodshed as part of the process is very likely but still the Middle East is in a middle of a U turn from projecting their problems on others to internalize that they are responsible, more than any other in the world, to the future of their own countries and their people. In the longer run it is the beginning of the end for Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad. 


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