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Few days after the Kampala Bombings, on 07/11/2010, the police arrested 3 main suspects in Kenya (see – Rendition 09.24.10) and another one in Uganad. The four suspects were presented to the Media in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, on 08/10/2010 and identified as: Idrisa Nsubuga; Mohamood Mugisha; Haruna Hassan Luyima and his older brother Issa Ahmed Luyima, 33, the ringleader.



Idrisa Nsubuga, 30, businessman at Pioneer Mall in Kampala and a Bachelor of Commerce student of Makerere University, blamed Issa Ahmed Luyima, the ringleader, “I was used. Issa was so calculative in using me. To you all, I am a monster but I had emotional problems and this is what they capitalised on,” he said. Ironically, Idrisa Nsubuga’s auntie Margaret Nabankema was also killed in the attack in Kyaddondo Rugby Club grounds in Lugogo, Kampala as revelers watched the World Cup final.


Speaking in English, Idrisa Nsubuga confessed he took the Somali bomber to Lugogo and detonated the second bomb and studied the scenes. On July 11, we took a boda boda to Lugogo. I put a laptop bag that contained one of the bombs on a stool under a table. When a scuffle ensued over a phone, we used the opportunity to get in. Before the Somali joined other revelers, he showed me his clock, which had the time 11:15pm when the bombs were to go off. I got out and later, a blast went off. I used the phone I had to set off the second bomb. Asked why he did such a thing, he said: “I was unemployed. I was emotionally distressed. I had problems, a lot of misunderstandings with my wife.”



In the press conference Mohamood Mugisha, 24, said “I am very sorry for the loss of life. I was hesitant to pick on Ugandans. My target was the Americans, who I think are responsible for the suffering in the world”. Mohamood Mugisha said: “I joined al-Shabaab in 2008, they were coordinating with Al Qaeda. I was sent here to rent a house in which the bombs were to be planned. I got a house in Nakulabye (a city suburb). However, when an al-Shabab team inspected it, they did not like it because they saw soldiers nearby. I went back to Kenya where I was reprimanded for the mistake as we could easily be arrested. The order to kill was from Abu Zubeir (Ahmed Godane), the al-Shabab boss in Somalia Mohamood Mugisha said.


Haruna Hassan Luyima, 27, is a businessman based at Majestic Plaza in Kampala. he said he took the Kenyan suicide bomber to Kabalagala and a bomb to Makindye House in Kampala. On July 9, Issa Luyima called me and said he wanted to show me where I would put a bag he had showed me earlier. He came with Edrisa Nsubuga. On July 10, he (Issa Ahmed Luyima) took me to his home in Namasuba and I met a Somali and a Kenyan. Issa showed me a bag that I was to take to Makindye House. On July 11, along with the Kenyan suicide bomber, we took a boda boda to Kabalagala. The bomber proceeded to the Ethiopian Village Restaurant. I went with the other bomb to Makindye but I did not detonate it. I dumped it in a shrub and left.



Issa Ahmed Luyima, 33, the oldest suspect, was described as the mastermind of the blasts, said “I am a peace-loving person but that is the nature of war. It has got many dimensions,” he asserted. Issa Ahmed Luyima fought with al-shabab in Somalia. He studied at Brilliant and Kawempe High School in Kawempe before working at Kampala International University. Speaking in English, Issa Ahmed Luyima said he recruited his brother (Haruna Hassan Luyima) as well as the Somali and Kenyan bombers and he examined the target places. My rage was against the Americans whom I deemed were responsible for all the sufferings of Muslims around the world. Our aim was to kill Americans. I did not want to work with my brother but recruiting other people was very risky, so I manipulated him.



The suspects said they were not paid any money, except a reward in heaven and they were speaking voluntarily.


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