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A French intelligence agent, Marc  Aubriere, has escaped, on Wednesday 08/26/2009, his Somali Hizb ul-Islam captors more than one month after being taken from a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, on Monday 07/13/2009 (see – Mogadishu 07.13.09).

The man, who was one of two French agents abducted on July 14, identified himself to Somali government troops, on Wednesday 08/26/2009, and was taken to the presidential palace.


“We understand he killed three [anti-government] al-Shabab guys who were guarding him,” Abdiqadir Odweyne, a senior police commander, told the Reuters news agency. “I cannot understand how this good story happened, but now he is in the hands of the government.”


The French foreign ministry denied the reports saying: “His release took place without violence, contrary to certain suggestions made locally.”


Marc  Aubriere confirmed that he did not use violence to escape. He walked five hours through one of the most dangerous cities in the world to safety at the country’s presidential palace.

The fate of the second man was unclear as they had been split up after being taken from the hotel. One was taken by the al-Shabab while the other was handed over to an al-Shabab ally group Hizb ul-Islam (Party of Islam).


Marc  Aubriere said he had been well-treated and well-fed by his captors from the hard-line Islamist group Hizbul-Islam.  French foreign ministry officials say the second hostage is still being held. 
* The second agent, identified later as Denis Allex, was killed on 01/11/2013 night when French forces made an attempt, which failed, to rescue him in Southern Somalia. 17 Al-Shabab fighters were killed in the failed operation alongside Denis Allex himself. But al-Shabab militants in Somalia said, on Wednesday 01/16/2013, they will kill French intelligence agent Denis Allex, who France said had already died during a failed rescue. It was, probably, an attempt to pressure France, concerning the new Mali Campaign, and to surface the threat on the life of French hostages wherever they are. 
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