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Since the Lal Mosque crisis, from 07/10/2007, the truce with the tribes on the Afghanistan border was ended and a full scale fight breached out between the border tribes and the Pakistani Army.  The fight includes rockets and artillery shelling, the use of roadside bombs, suicide attacks, abduction and beheading of Pakistani soldiers, helicopters gun ships attacks, raids and counter raids of both sides in the War.

So far the war claimed the life of hundreds of Pakistani soldiers, the wounding of many more and few dozens of abducted soldiers with threat on their life. According to official numbers many hundreds of Pakistani pro Taliban insurgents were killed too.

The Pakistani insurgence has the advantage of expanding the war into Pakistan’s cities and to attack the government facilities all over the country. Just few days ago, on 09/04/2007, two bombs exploded near the Pakistani military headquarters in the city of Rawalpindi, the official capital of Pakistan. At least 24 people were killed and 66 more wounded in this attack.

Amide the bitter fighting in FATA, Waziristan region between the Pakistani Army and the pro Taliban tribes, at least 15 soldiers have been killed on 09/13/2007 in a suspected suicide bombing at an army base south of Islamabad. Troops based at the barracks belong to an elite counter-terror unit and were part of the raid against the Lal Mosque.

The explosion occurred at dinner time inside the officers’ mess hall.

Summary ; 

* Pakistan is deteriorating very fast to an Afghanistan-style situation and is, in fact, in civil war.

* The Pakistani pro Taliban insurgence has good intelligence and managed to penetrate into the rank of the army, including elite units.

* In no time the Pakistani nuclear bomb can be turned to be an Islamic nuclear bomb in the hands of a most extreme Islamic regime.

* There is not, currently, more dangerous crisis in the world then the turmoil in Pakistan.


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