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* Driss Chebli was born in 1972 in Morocco and lived in SpainHe was the alleged right hand and the operation officer of the Spanish Al Qaeda cell leader – Imad Yarkas. Driss Chebli was raising money and recruited volunteers to the war in Chechnya against the Russians and for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  Driss  Chebli worked as a construction builder. According to his testimony he joined Imad Yarkas only at 06/2001, in the last days before the Tarragona Meeting.  Driss  Chebli helped to coordinate the Tarragona Meeting with some of the most dangerous terrorists, that later carried out The 9/11.

Driss  Chebli was in charge of the connections with other international operatives of Al Qaeda such as Mustafa Setmarian and Loai al-Saqa.

Driss  Chebli was arrested in 11/2001 with another 23 Islamic militant suspects of Imad Yarkas’s Al Qaeda cell. The Spanish Al-Qaeda trial was opened in Madrid on 04/21/2005. He was convicted on 09/26/2005 and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for being a member in a terror organization.

Epilogue –

Driss Chebli was equated from al charges in the Spanish High Court and released from jail on 04/07/2006. Today (09/2007) Driss  Chebli is a free man. According to his trial he was a good organizer but not really involved in the planning or masterminding of terror attacks.  

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