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Saudi Arabia interior ministry officials said, on Sunday 01/09/2011, they have issued international arrest warrants for 47 suspected Al Qaeda fighters who are thought to have been trying to build “terrorist cells” in the kingdom (see also – Saudi most-wanted).


The list includes names of Saudis who hold senior functions inside Al Qaeda and have tried to recruit in the country, authorities said. They are believed to be hiding in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq. 16 had left Saudi Arabia for Yemen, while 27 were last reported to be in Pakistan or Afghanistan, and four in Iraq, the minister said.


“The security follow-up, on those wanted by the security authorities, led to monitoring 47 Saudis who are now outside the kingdom and provided evidence that proves that they follow the deviant [Al Qaeda] ideology and efforts to support its activities,” Mansour al-Turki, the interior ministry spokesman, announced on Sunday.


The announcement comes after Saudi Arabia arrested 149 suspects in November 2010 (see -SA Arrests 11.26.10). They were believed to be operating 19 cells where they were preparing attacks inside the kingdom as well sending Saudis to training camps in Yemen and Somalia. Al-Turki said those arrested had connections with some of people named in Sunday’s arrest warrants.



The 47 suspects are: 1) Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser, 2) Ahmed Muhammad Al-Suwaid, 3) Anas Ali Al-Nashwan, 4) Bassim Salim Al-Sabilah, 5) Bassim Muhammad Al-Juhani, 6) Bassam Ibrahim Al-Suleimani, 7) Bandar Mishal Al-Otaibi, 8) Turki Saad Al-Shahrani, 9) Turki Hadi Al-Qahtani, 10) Hussein Saleh Al-Bahri, 11) Hamza Muhammad Arishi, 12) Khaled Ali Al-Qahtani, 13) Khaled H. al-Qahtani, 14) Zaam Saeed Al-Otaibi, 15) Saad Qaed Al-Maqati, 16) Suleiman Ahmed Al-Hamdan, 17) Saleh Abdul Aziz Al-Laheeb, 18) Adel Radi Al-Harbi, 19) Adel Saleh Al-Qumaishi, 20) Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Al-Faraj, 21) Abdul Rahman Fayad Al-Otaibi, 22) Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Juhani, 23) Abdussalam Abdul Aziz Al-Faraj, 24) Abdul Aziz Muhammad Al-Aseeri, 25) Abdullah Humaid Al-Jadaani, 26) Abdullah Suleiman Al-Dhabah, 27) Abdullah Abdul Hadi Al-Juhani, 28) Abdullah Ali Al-Suwaid, 29) Abdullah Muhammad Al-Maqati, 30) Abdul Majeed Faris Al-Otaibi, 31) Abdul Majeed Faisal Al-Shahri, 32) Amr Suleiman Al-Ali, 33) Fahd Owaid Al-Maabadi, 34) Fawaz Ayed Al-Otaibi, 35) Fawaz Owaid Al-Maabadi, 36) Faisal Muetad Al-Harbi, 37) Miteb Hamad Al-Jeraiwi, 38) Miteb Saeed Al-Amri, 39) Muhammad Saleem Barikan, 40) Muhammad Farhan Al-Malki, 41) Muhammad Mufreh Al-Zahrani, 42) Maran Farhan Al-Otaibi, 43) Muejib Muhammad Al-Qahtani, 44) Hashim Muhammad Al-Hindi, 45) Walid Jarboue Al-Harbi, 46) Walid Humayed Al-Waladi, and 47) Yasser Dakhil Al-Harbi.


According to the Arabic newspaper based in London Al-Hayat, known for his good sources in the Arab world and especially in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Saleem Barikan, no’ 39 on the list, is a former bodyguard and son in law of Osama Bin Laden. Muhammad Saleem Barikan married Bin Laden’s 27-year-old daughter Fatima when she was 13. 


* No 22 – Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Juhani reemerged in Syria, in mid 2013, as one of the Khorasan Group leaders. 


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