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On 09/25/2007, Abu Osama Al-Tunisi, a supposed to be an Al Qaeda senior leader in Iraq, was killed in a US air strike in Iraq. Abu Osama Al-Tunisi is a nick name, which means he is from Tunisian origin.

According to Gen’ Joseph Anderson, from the USA led coalition forces in IRAQ, Abu Osama Al-Tunisi led a group of foreign militants in IRAQ near the town of Musayyib, south of Baghdad. The air strike came when Abu Osama Al-Tunisi was meeting with other Al-Qaeda members and is supposed to be a major blow to the organization.

Gen’ Joseph Anderson said that Abu Osama Al-Tunisi had been in line to succeed Al Qaeda’s current leader in IRAQ, believed to be the EGYPTIAN Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

Summary ;

The significance of the successful attack is not the killing of an Al Qaeda senior leader, who we have not heard about prior to the attack and soon will be replaced by another, but the level of intelligence that is needed to carry out such an attack.

If this attack is not an isolated event but a reflection of higher level of intelligence about the insurgency in IRAQ, then US led coalition is heading in the right direction.

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