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Nouriddin el-Fatmi, from Berber origin, was born in Morocco near the village of Midar in the Rif Mountains on 08/15/1982.

In 1997 Nouriddin el-Fatmi, moved to Spain.  He quickly found a job as an illegal worker and often went to Portugal to earn more money. Nouriddin el-Fatmi regularly sent money to his mother in Morocco.




Somewhere in 1998/99 Nouriddin el-Fatmi traveled to the Netherlands. In 2001 he began to visit the radical Al-Tawheed Mosque in Amsterdam, where he met a number of frustrated young Dutch Moroccans, some of them later set up the Hofstad Group. In 2003 he met in the Mosque with Mohammed Bouyeri.




On 10/14/2003 4 members of Hofstad Group were arrested and the house of Nouriddin el-Fatmi searched by the Dutch police. The police discovered a so-called “martyr’s testament” signed by Nouriddin el-Fatmi himself. Its text showed that he was willing to die in a suicide operation.




In 06/2004 Nouriddin el-Fatmi, with two other friends from Hofstad Group, was banned from traveling to Portugal as the Authority in Portugal suspected them of planning to sabotage the football Euro Cup (Probably in full cooperation with the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service – AIVD). When Nouriddin el-Fatmi returned to Holland he was interrogated by the Dutch police. He denied any connection to Islamic terror but pointed a finger at Mohammed Bouyeri as extreme enough to commit terror attacks.




Nouriddin el-Fatmi had bad reputation of a womanizer and a Teen-age Girls seducer. To one of the girls known as Malika, born in 1988, he said, already in late 2003, that he intended to kill the Dutch PM from Somali origin, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, because of her non Muslim behavior.




Nouriddin el-Fatmi got married with Soumaya in the spring of 2005. He and Soumaya began to be violent to their surrounding. They threatened, with fire arms, other Muslims to behave in “true Muslim” manner, demanding them to destroy their “Satanic” television.     




Nouriddin el-Fatmi was arrested in connection of the terror activity of Hofstad Group in Amsterdam on 06/22/2005. At the time of arrest he had in his possession a loaded automatic pistol. Nouriddin el-Fatmi received 5 years in Jail.




On 12/01/2006, in another trial, alongside Samir Azzouz and Mohammed Chentouf, he was sentenced to 4 more years imprisonment for attempting to procure heavy firearms and planning terror attacks in Holland, specifically against politicians and Dutch Intelligence employees.




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