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Pakistani Taliban (Tehrik-e-Taleban) fighters wearing police uniforms and armed with mortars have attacked a prison holding hundreds in FATA and escaped with 200 prisoners, including “hardcore militants” after a gunfight with security forces, officials said on 07/30/2013, after the attack ended.

“A total of 243 prisoners have escaped, six of them were later arrested by police,” senior government official Mushtaq Jadoon told local news media, adding that “30 among the escaped prisoners were hardcore militants”.

The attack in the town of Dera-Ismail Khan began around midnight on Tuesday morning with a huge explosion, said intelligence officials,  speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to talk to reporters. The fighters then detonated a series of smaller bombs to destroy the prison’s boundary wall.At least eight attackers, who wore police uniforms, stormed  the prison once the walls fell, said officials. Security forces engaged the attackers, who were chanting “God is great (Allah Hu Akbar)” and “Long live the Taliban”.

Pakistan’s military confirmed that it had deployed forces to respond to the raid. At least six policemen were killed and seven others wounded in the brazen attack, senior city administration official Amir Khattak told AFP. Provincial prisons chief Khalid Abbas said the attackers escaped after three-hour long gunfight with security forces.

In April 2012, Taliban fighters armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades battled their way into a prison in the city of Bannu in northwest Pakistan, freeing close to 400 prisoners, including at least 20 described by police as “very dangerous” fighters (see – Bannu 04.15.12).

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