The 21st Century Phenomenon


Just few months ago it seemed that the green curtain of Islam will dominate the coming decade in the Middle East and the so called ‘Arab Spring’ is turning to be a religious war between Sunnis and Shiites, especially in the so called “Shiite Arc” from the Gulf Emirates, through Iraq and Syria up to Lebanon. It also seemed that Islam is bluring national idemtities in favor to Islam.


But the Middel East continues to create unexpected U-turns and changes of directions and as the religious war is still waged in Mesopotamia (al-Sham in Arabic) in the Western flank of the Arab World, the Maghreb and Egypt .national identity is fighting back against Islamic identity as represented by the Muslims Brotherhood.


Following the EGYPT’S III REVOLUTION in Egypt, on 07/04/2013, the new self appointed Military backed regime is, literally, fighting against the democratically elected Muslims Brotherhood toppled president Mohamad Mursi in the streets of Cairo and other main Egyptian cities with already hundruds of casualties and a growing determination of both sides to, eventually, control Egypt. The Military and secular politicians claims to speek in behalf of the Egyptian national identity with millions rallying in the streets in support for the revolution, which is actually and by all means  a military coup .  Simultaniously the Egyptian Army fights Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Sinai Peninsula  and the town of Sheikh Zuweid, near El-Arish, resembles the civil war in Syria.


Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslims Brotherhood,  in Gaza Strip was put under tight Egyptian siege because of the support of Hamas to the Brotherhood in Egypt and ousted president Mursi is to be charged, officially, with spying for Hamas and coortdinating his escape, in 01/2011, from Wadi Natrun jail near Cairo (see – Egypt’s Mass Jail Breakout ).


In nighboring Libya, following the assassination of anti Brotherhood politician Abdul-Salam Al-Musmari, on Friday 07/26/2013, mass anti Islamic demonstrations breached out in all Libyan main cities undemining Brotherhood’s very legitimacy in the Libyan society. They are blamed, at least partially, for the anarchy and the lack of security in Libya (see – The lIbyan Test ).


Further ti the West, in Tunisia. the Islamic Ennahada Party (local branch of the Brotherhood) won about 40% of the Tunisian votes,In the elections of 10/23/2011, and  is leading an Islamic coalition. Recent polls of late June 2013 show a sharp decline in the support for Ennahada, to in between 20-25% and a large support for a caoilition of secular parties formed in 01/2013 – CALL FOR TUNISiA – with about 35% (1).  The assassination of anti Brotherhood politician  Mohamed Brahmi, on 07/25/2013, the second of its kind recently, sparked huge anti Brotherhood rallies all over Tunisia calling for the imidiate resignation of the Islamic regime in the country (see – Jasmine Revolution ). 


No doubt that a sort of disillusionment about the motto “Isalm is the solution”,  the slogan of the Muslims Brotherhood, is now sweeping the Arab World, especially in North Africa, but it is also fair to say that there is no genuine democracy emerging from the turmoil. The only governement, except Tunisia, still in the hands of the Brotherhood isthat of Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey and he is also facing ongoing growing resistance.


We can estimate that the coming decade in the Middle East will be a decade of struggle between Islam and Nationality, totaly not related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflice that just three years ago defined the Arab World.


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