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Said  Berraj was born in Morocco on 07/12/1972. It is known to intelligence sources that in 10/2000, 3.5 years before the Madrid Trains Bombing, Said  Berraj with Amer Azizi met in Istanbul, Turkey, 3 people identified later as Lahcen IkassrienMohamad Haddad and Salahedin Benyaich – known as Al Qaeda operatives.  Said Berraj and his associates were detained, on 10/10/2000, by the Turkish police but released after a short while without charges.

Said  Berraj, along with Mohamed Afalah were police informants in Madrid but managed to deceive their operators. He was known as an activist of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (CICM) and with frequent connections to Serhane Farkhet and Basel Ghalyoun. 

 Said  Berraj was one of the terrorists that on the morning of 03/11/2004 placed a bomb in one of the trains in the Madrid Trains Bombing.

In the evening of 04/03/2004, when the Spanish police closed on his hiding place in the Madrid s’ suburb of Leganes, five terrorists blew themself up. The police believed, at first, that Said  Berraj was among them but later found out that he was not there.

Epilogue ;

* On 01/02/2007 Spanish police rearrested 5 members of Barcelona net led by Mohamed Larbi Ben Sellam and Samir Tahtah. They were accused of smuggling Islamic most wanted terrorists Mohamed Belhadj, Said  Berraj and Mohammed Afalah – a fugitive from Leganes, to Belgium from Spain. Said  Berraj s’ location today (03/2007) is unknown.

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